February 25, 2021 | News Press Releases

Cayman Commits to Addressing Remaining FATF Recommendations

The Cayman Islands Government (CIG) has confirmed that it will work to fulfil the requirements of a 15-month action plan by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) to address remaining recommendations by that body to strengthen its anti-money laundering, counter terrorist-financing and counter-proliferation regime.

In the March 2019 4th round Mutual Evaluation Report, the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF) had initially published 63 recommended actions for the Cayman Islands AML regime.

FATF published its review of work by the Cayman Islands to meet those recommendations at the end of its recently concluded Plenary. The FATF report shows that 60 recommendations are already in place and Cayman is working to fulfill the remaining three.

For more details click here: https://www.gov.ky/news/press-release-details/cayman-commits-to-aml-and-cft-effectiveness


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